100. Why We Can’t Shame People Into Shopping Local
The Growing Small Towns ShowMay 09, 2022
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100. Why We Can’t Shame People Into Shopping Local

We are so excited to have Charlie Birch on the podcast! She is small town born and bred, and is kind of a shopping local expert. Charlie joins us to talk about making a web presence work for a brick-and-mortar store.

About Charlie

After living the digital nomad life later popularized by Instagram, our founder Charlie returned home to South Jersey in 2016. Not long after, she founded a web design studio, Charlie Birch Consulting, to help small brick-and-mortar businesses build their online presence. In 2020, this business transformed into Third Eye Web Strategies, which continued to focus on brick-and-mortar businesses while expanding to help entire Main Street communities.

As a millennial consumer with a multidisciplinary background and 10 years of real-world experience helping online businesses with branding, content creation, and website design, Charlie is in a unique position to help brick-and-mortar businesses and Main Street communities uplevel their online presence.

“I intend Third Eye to be a first stop shop where Main Street leaders - who want to convert more web traffic into foot traffic - can access legit website strategy advice and services, backed by research, delivered in plain English, and customized to meet their unique needs!” 

~ Charlie Birch

When she is not geeking out on Main Street web strategies, Charlie enjoys spending time with her family. Her interests include food, travel, live music, nature, fashion, dance, group fitness, and snowboarding.

 In this episode, we cover:

  • Why not all businesses need a website (but why some do)
  • How websites and an online presence help stores that DO NOT have any eCommerce
  • Why no one is entitled to a successful business
  • What the biggest threat to small town businesses is 
  • Why every small town needs to intentionally help small businesses thrive

Links and Resources Mentioned:

Charlie’s Website: https://thirdeyewebstrategies.com/

Schedule a call: https://thirdeyewebstrategies.com/meeting

The best place to connect with Charlie online is inside the Clubhouse community the SMB Think Tank. They do a free networking group T&Th at 2pm EST and two monthly special events a Thought Leadership Forum the 1st T of the month and an Expert Panel the last Th of the month. People can register for the newsletter here, or email Charlie at Charlie@ThirdEyeWebStrategies.com to find out about upcoming events.

Charlie’s LinkedIn is here.

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