122. Rethinking Rural Giving
The Growing Small Towns ShowAugust 28, 2023
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122. Rethinking Rural Giving

We are so excited for another crossover episode with one of our most favorite people: small-town nonprofit expert and fun-haver Patrick Kirby. Hosted by Patrick, this episode is all about how to shift mindsets and rethink rural giving for small-town nonprofits. In this episode, we cover:
  • How the Rural Bus Tour works and…
  • Why you need one of your own
  • Why nonprofits are so important for small towns
  • The thorny problem of self-limitation in the nonprofit world, both financially and…
  • In the way that nonprofits think about the future
Links and Resources Mentioned: Uncharitable Movie: https://uncharitablemovie.com/ Do Good Better Consulting Podcast: https://www.dogoodbetterconsulting.com/dogoodbetterpodcast