133. Putting People Back in Politics
The Growing Small Towns ShowMarch 18, 2024
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133. Putting People Back in Politics

This is an episode about people and why how we treat them matters, as viewed through the lenses of politics and living in a small town. We cannot possibly agree on everything, and it feels as though nothing makes that clearer than politics. Given that we’re headed for another election season (yay*) we wanted to share this reminder that people should be at the center of everything we do, and a better future starts with us, at home, with how we treat one another and how we learn and grow and literally do better. Don't worry--this isn't a high-horse episode wherein we preach on high from our cloud of perfection. We're human, too, and so we know how hard it can be to keep it classy and cool when big issues are on the line. It's about what we can all do, right now, today, to make our communities better places, starting with how we treat one another. (*that’s real heavy sarcasm in case you hadn’t noticed.) In this episode, we cover five things you can do right now to make your community better:
  1. Notice and call out the use of labels
  2. Employ the Golden Rule
  3. Consider the implications of selective rights and privileges
  4. Beware the echo chambers
  5. Make repairs
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